This is denizoncoding.com where I’am sharing my coding experiences, projects and some sources for coders.

What am I developing ?

  • Serial communication(USB, TCP/IP) applications and user interface development in Windows with .Net
  • Audio processing application(with AAudio library) in Android.
  • Mobile game development in Unity.

Latest Projects

Light the Galaxy

Here is the other mini game developed on vacation: Light the Galaxy with 2 different levels. Sending light particles are effected with gravity. Use gravity for lighting the galaxy.


Taptosphere is other mini-arcade game developed for ludum-dare-42  event with my friend neeshka. You have to pollute the world until it can’t be available for human living. You can click pollute buttons, power-up  buttons and earth for making pollusion for escaping from earth.

Place Gunner

Place Gunner is a mini-arcade game. You can hit enemy planes which are flying above you while controlling your turret. Every hit provides point and extra times.