A portfolio and blog combination platform of software developer who graduate from electronics engineering and educate himself on software developing.


Who am I ?

I’m Deniz, graduated from electronics engineering and make my own way as a software developer. 

What am I doing?

Furethermore developing Java desktop app in my job, I’m interested in mobile platform apps such as mobile games and audio applications. So I’m developing audio applications in Android platform and also developing games in Unity for different game types.

What I will done ?

Being a fan of progressive rock motivates me to exploring synthesizers. So I want to develop different synthesizer apps for different purposes in mobile platform. Also for fun I will continue for developing little games in Unity.


Doc Audio Wave Generator

Simple Audio Wave Generator


New Synth

Coming soon...


Cool My Drink (Demo)

One touch game

Place Gunner (Demo)

Turrent Shooter



Get your coffe and come.


Re-re-refactoring place.


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