Deciding for a Project

I wanted to develop a platform game for providing arcade atmosphere while playing. Scenario was set, plan was ready. This time I wanted to use Asses Store in Unity. But despite of spending long time while searching for good 2D assests, I couldn’t found any satisfied one.


If you are living two different life as like as working for your ideals while you are not working for your professional job, time is not worth to risk.  In this point I’ve decided to killing my project. Everything was ready. Assets, game designs, game mechanics, many of scripts etc.

But time is ticking…

While calculating minutes during weekend study, every moment is important for your progress.  After few stumbling, the project was start to waving surrender flag. And the time is up. This project is killed.

Being limited with custom 2D assets was killed a project. No we save our times and learnt that 2D platform is not flexible for custom projects. At the beggining Neeshka suggested that designing the game in 3D-universe and manipulating the camera view with positioning in perspective view for making arcade atmosphere. Neeshka wins one more time 🙂

Now I can spent my time for a new, effective and excitement project or self-improving.

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