What Am I Really Doing Here ?

I haven’t written anything for a long time after writting my last post and last promisses about my decisions. What did I do ? More confusing… Let me summarize what I’ve done after my last post. First I completed 30 Days Challange in C# challange and half of Language Profiencies in C++ in hackerrank.com than realize that I want to develop a project or make a product instead of practicing. Of course practicing is the most important part of personal development but developing a product and also creating something is motivating me more. I couldn’t focus on codility.com but searched a lot of stuff in geekforgeeks.org where is a great portal for who wants to learn tricks of programming and find interview questions of big companies. Than I change my direction to completing a project. My wise friend suggested me to finishing a project in any field so I did. I’ve made an Android application for generating simple audio waves and made a public repository on github, than prototype an Android drawing application prototype. But again I’ve lost my focus. One day I realized that I’m trying to managing 7 different project together out of work: learning python, learning synthesizer techs, learning advanced c++, developing Android synthesizer, developing Android drawing application, performing physical exercises(yes this take time), studying piano(also this takes time) and developing a game. What a chaos… Building an Android app and publising codes makes me thrilled. But reality set some walls in my way. Daily responsibilities and non-stable job resposibilities are broke my ideal plans 😀 After trying to fight with this responsibilities for a few weeks, I realized that I can not reach my goals. There is a big problem. I’ve tried different methods for relating with these 7 projects. Using trello, matching projects with specific days (i.e. Android Tuesday, Exercise Sunday etc.) completing small parts of them everyday… But I can’t completed any of them fully. Here is the problem. Making effort but not completing anything. I’ve founded my solution. I have to focus less things. And here is the last decision that I’ve made: Choosing and focusing a main project and taking time with side projects if any free time found 🙂 Now I’m focusing reviewing my C# knowledge for improving my job quality and making side projects one by one. Here is my new plan: I will take a C# course on Udemy as a main project and develop a game in Unity with my friend. If the Udemy course finished I’ll pick another lesson or search for a new training for improving my job performance and if the game is developed or my friend get busy, I will go back to Android synthesizer project. And also I’m planning to share my experiences about my new plan…

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