List of Useful Sources

While I’m trying to grow up myself on software development, I’ve realized that I have too much concept to learn. In my previous post I’ve note some challenge and exercising platforms. But now I’ve just completed what I wanted for a long time. I’m noting lists of useful resources on Trello as public. For now […]

What Am I Doing Here ?

Hi everyone, It’s been a long time since I’ve not written here anything and generating any content for my site. Alright what I’ve done during this time. Here is a little summary. My soul was hunger for cultural activities and my body needed healthy foods not fast ones 🙂 And technical challenges, and career moves…

Deciding for a Project

I wanted to develop a platform game for providing arcade atmosphere while playing. Scenario was set, plan was ready. This time I wanted to use Asses Store in Unity. But despite of spending long time while searching for good 2D assests, I couldn’t found any satisfied one. Trash-time…

Hello world!

Seems that I’ve found the theme. Now, I will continue to research subjects that I left after graduation. I wanted to understand key property of fourrier transform and also frequency so I will try to explain all the things (as like as emotions of musics, characteristics of voices etc.) with frequency and amplitude of related signals. […]