What Am I Doing Here ?

Hi everyone, It’s been a long time since I’ve not written here anything and generating any content for my site. Alright what I’ve done during this time. Here is a little summary. My soul was hunger for cultural activities and my body needed healthy foods not fast ones 🙂 And technical challenges, and career moves…

About Dynamic Collider

While shooting on Cubic Gunner, some bullets are passing through target objects without any interaction. What a pitty.

Youtube on Top

Hi, What are you using youtube for ? Listening to music, following a youtuber(I hope he/she is not from the garbage ones) or learning something… In many cases, you need to bring the youtube front of all the other windows. And maybe you want to use youtube in a smaller window. Here is an extension […]

Hello world!

Seems that I’ve found the theme. Now, I will continue to research subjects that I left after graduation. I wanted to understand key property of fourrier transform and also frequency so I will try to explain all the things (as like as emotions of musics, characteristics of voices etc.) with frequency and amplitude of related signals. […]